Introduction of NIMS IVF

It is hard to wait around for something you know might ever happen; but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want. From a health care point of view, we live in fortunate times, and to make that saying totally believable, we’re here for you. The feeling of Motherhood is matchless and we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to panic just because the conventional methods don’t work in your favor. You put your efforts and stick to your hopes, because that’s what sweeps your way to motherhood!
With a phenomenal team of counselors, doctors and care takers, with experience and world renowned accomplishments, one can leave the unwanted cousins called fear and apprehensions, home. Take a step further with a vision of making life a beautiful celebration. Committed to the well being of women of society, NIMS Fertility and Research Centre furnishes in IVF Treatments, Gynaecology, Maternity - Pediatrics & Wellness.



After Teddy bears and chocolate, IVF is a responsible for most of the smiles in the world.To bring a smile on your face, we are sincerly dedicted to bring you the best of technology and innovation which exist in the world for........


No more guessing, No more assuming and most of all no more falling a prey to baseless superstitions.The solution to all your problems related to fertility & reproduction lie in the science of gynaecology, & at........

Maternity & Pediatrics

We think that Maternity is the closest human kind ever gets to godlines. A journey which requires, compassions, strength & most of all patience. So, from the beginning of this magical journey, through ........


In almost every aspects a woman's is like mother nature. She nurtures, nurishes & is filled with endless compassion. We understand & acknowledge that fact with sincerity & therefore we........

Meet The Optimism

The Team

The hope with which every patients comes to us, finds itself in becoming a reality, with the support of our staff of doctors. A team which is a mixture of rich experience and young talent, considers into moral responsibility to install faith and optimism in the hearts of patients. In their presence you can see all your doubts fading into the distant oblivion.

Why NIMS Fertility & Research Center?

Sympathetic Counselling Icon

Sympathetic Counselors

The terms and practices used in the field of medicine might sound a bit technical and at times complex, but our counselors are here to make things exactly the opposite. i.e Comprehensive and simple. NIMS fertility and Research Center has a pool of experts, who are dedicated to make your apprehensions disappear, who are the blanket of calmness to make you comfortable, understanding the emotional aspects which are involved in a procedures of fertility treatments.
Couples under the age of 35 who have been trying for more than a year and Couples over the age of 35 who have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months usually require consultation. Appropriate consultation is also required for couples with a history of miscarriages.
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Zero Admission Fee

The word ‘Zero’, Nor the word “Fee” is known to bring a smile on a person’s face.But we’ve combined the words in such a way that it guarantees. At NIMS Fertility & Research Centre, Jaipur we charge Zero Admission Fee at the time of admittance, plus the patient doesn’t have to stay with us even for a single day during the entire procedure, which sounds like a good plan, economically.
Apart from that we have also special packages for Military Personnel and BPL families.
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No hassle appointments

No more pressing the answering machine, No more pressing the redial button. Getting an appointment with our doctors is VERY SIMPLE. All you need is to dial our contact number or just meet us and that’s the point from where you are on auto pilot. We’re always an ear to patients in need. Patients coming from distance places or other states are always given a priority; nevertheless taking prior appointments helps us to manage more.
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Latest technologies & Modular IVF Labs

NIMS Fertility & Research Centre is the best IVF centre of Rajasthan which has VOLUSUN S6, a signature series of ultrasound machines in 3D and 4D forms. As quality ultrasound is very crucial in women health. Dedicated state -of – the - art technology with the ease of use, speed and reliability to manage a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynaecological exams makes the procedures more comfortable and fetch the results with precision. Apart from that our new state -of – the - art surgery units like IVF Laboratory enables us to provide the most advanced healthcare available in today’s date.
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Renowned team of Experts (IVF, Gynaecologists, Embryologists, Andrologists, ETC.)

Despite of working full time as empathizing friends, our team also comprises of globally and nationally renowned experts in the field of IVF, embryology, Andrology etc. With the right skills and experience our group of experts is dedicated to work towards your wellness. Not only are they focused on that, but they take the health of their patients as their own personal responsibility.

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Round the clock Care by Dedicated team of Staff

Be it Rush hour or a sleepy hour, for our team every time is prime time. Which means their eyes and minds are open whenever you need them. We understand the perspective of your end fully while you’re with us and to make everything smooth and hassle free for you, we have round the clock care by our sincere team of staff members, who are committed to bring a smile on your face by their dedicated service.


A two day workshop (23rd & 24th September) on hands-on training of Hysteroscopy, organized by B’ORZE USA & Heager Germany in association with NIMS FERTILITY AND RESEARCH CENTRE started today in National Institute Of Medical Sciences, Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur. The workshop was marked by Dr. Osama Shawki (Hysteroscopy Expert & Trainer), who demonstrated the live workshop sessions, included live surgeries in hysteroscopy, office hysteroscopy & dedicated lectures. Dr. Osama Shawki is a world renowned gynecologist and trainer who have his expertise in Hysteroscopy. During his interaction, he talked about how the latest techniques are helpful in fertility treatments and acting as an agent of change. On his two day visit he also visited Pinkcity and applauded the colorful heritage of Rajasthan. The event was attended by Dr. (Prof.) Balvir Singh Tomar (Chairman, NIMS University Rajasthan), Dr. (Mrs.) Shobha Tomar (Director, NIMS University Rajasthan), Dr. (Mrs.) Surabhi Tomar (Director, NIMS Fertility & Research Centre), the entire team of NIMS Fertility & Research Centre and delegates.

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